Attending church can be intimidating for some people.  We at Heartland, A Church Connected are cognizant of this and hope to help you have a meaningful experience with us.  You may have a lot of questions or even fears about what it means to relate to God.  We want to help and inspire you on your journey.  Our goal is to make your visit with us a memorable one!

When you come to one of our weekend gatherings you will discover that you are among friends who are trying to process life by looking to God for help.  Congregational singing, relevant biblical teaching and informal interactions with others will be some of what you will experience.  You can expect a grace-giving and non-judgmental attitude when you join us.

We would be honored to have you join us at one of our weekend worship gatherings or special ministry events.

Yours for creating a warm and friendly environment,


Pastor Joel


Joel Spiridigliozzi
Lead Pastor