As sons, daughters, moms, dads, husbands, wives, grandmas and grandpas we want strong and healthy connections with God and with one another.  We want our marriages and families to be all that they can be.


What better gift can we give our children than two parents with a deep unconditional love for one another who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength?  We want to see our children and students grow up with the hope, drive and skills they need to have an incredible marriage that lasts a lifetime.


With this in mind we are actively developing a Marriage and Family Ministry that brings hope and help to marriages and families in both our church and community.  Opportunities to strengthen your family at Heartland, a Church Connected include:


  • Sunday Gatherings – Annual teaching series on family with practical and encouraging messages from God’s Word.
  • Small Groups –   Yearly opportunities to connect with others in a caring and loving environment with a focus on marriage and/or family.
  • Weekend Getaways - Opportunities for couples to getaway and reconnect, re-establish the foundation and rekindle romance.  (In Connection with FamilyLife Canada)
  • Seminars, Workshops and Electives on Marriage and/or family
  • Marriage Mentoring – We have trained couples who have a heart for others, a willingness to listen and a willingness to share from their own life story that meet with other couples for simple helpful conversations.  If you'd like a  marriage mentor to help you and your spouse, click here to sign-up.
  •  Social events - These events are an opportunity for families to connect with each other and have fun together. We believe that families who have fun together stay together.

For further information related to our marriage and families ministry please contact us.


DISCIPLINE THAT CONNECTS WITH YOU CHILD'S HEART | Parenting Workshop | Saturday, November 18,  9 AM - 12 PM | $10 per person | Continental Breakfast Provided


Join us for a Parenting Workshop presented by Dan and Joy DeGaris of FamilyLife Canada. This practical workshop for parents will touch on four powerful messages that all children long to hear: "You are safe," "You are loved," You are God's workmanship," and "You are responsible."


Parents who learn and apply these principles often see dramatic improvements in their family relationships. Even if changes in their children's behavior come more slowly than they hope, parents themselves learn to be peaceful and confident in their efforts, driven more by what's best for each child than by the urgency of the moment. As parents grow, their children will see the difference. As parents become calmer, grounded in peace and purpose, they become far better positioned to influence their children toward wiser responses and decisions.


The workshop equips parents with practical tools for effective discipline and ends with an uplifting call to action: let go of your primary (and exasperating) goal of trying to manage your kids' behavior. Start mentoring their belief, empower them to manage their own behavior, and watch kindness and wisdom grow in your family! This isn't a quick fix. But it is a lasting fix. What will you do to take the next step toward becoming a more grace-filled parents even in the midst of discipline challenges?


The target audience for this workshop is parents of kids ages 2 to 18 who want to discipline in a way that changes their hearts, not just behaviour.


To register, visit or contact the church office at




November 13, 7-9 PM


Nairn Family Homes is a faith-based foster care organization providing foster families for children in need since 1970. Have you thought about becoming a foster family but had questions? If this is something that has been on your heart and you would like to learn more, an information evening will be held on November 13. Dean Mullin, Director of Nairn Family Homes Toronto will be with us to facilitate our discussion and answer any questions you might have.


To sign up, please contact Pastor Andrew Croft at



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