Small Groups leaders; thank you for your commitment to this ministry. We believe connecting with a Small Group greatly enhances the care levels in our community as well as creating an environment where personal growth in Christ can be most effective. Thank you for ministering so effectively to the people of Heartland through Small Groups.


Our mission is to be vibrant, diverse Christ-centered Small Groups, committed to serving people in the Greater Toronto Area with excellence, responding to their needs, introducing them to a personal and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ, and ultimately mobilizing them to bear spiritual fruit at home and throughout the world.


Our vision, through our community, is to be people passionately connected to God, one another, our Small Group ministry, and the world.


Our strategy: “Christlike churches have one thing in common: they find a way to meet the needs of the people God has placed in their ministry areas. People are hungry for love, purpose, and life transformation, and I know of no better structure than a small group where this happens naturally and personally. That’s why churches must grow larger and smaller at the same time—larger through evangelism and smaller through fellowship structures….I always tell new attenders…, ‘You will not really feel connected…until you join and participate in a small group.”


– Steve Gladen, Small Groups With Purpose


Our strategy is to grow in size and in depth. As our church grows larger, our attention as Small Group leaders must be to facilitate meaningful community and discipleship in the Small Group setting. We must have a view to multiply (in number, and spread our geographic dispersion), and to open our doors widely so that people desire to have meaningful community, relationship, and discipleship with each other (Matthew 28:20). We mentor and develop leaders from within our Small Groups, as well as partner with other Small Groups leaders and our First Impressions Ministries to recruit newcomers to our Small Groups Ministries.



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Click HERE for this week's leader's discussion questions

Click HERE for this week's group member's discussion questions

2017 Fall Block Study Material


This block, each small group will work through study material and discussion topics based on our Sunday gathering series: #trending. Everywhere we turn, battle lines are being drawn on matters of conscience. Seemingly overnight, culture has shifted. Right and wrong are no longer measured by universal truth, but by popular opinion. You don’t want to miss this 8-week Small Groups discussion series where we break down the #trending topics of our day.


Series Breakdown:


October 1: God & Politics

October 8: God & Mental Health

October 15: God & Instagram

October 22: God & PRIDE

October 29: God & Sanctity of Life

November 5: God & Xenophobia

November 12: God & Entertainment

November 19: God & Other Gods


Small Group leaders will receive a weekly video cast from Aaron for that upcoming Sunday, giving helpful insights and coaching tips when meeting in their upcoming Small Group. They will also receive weekly interactive questions that will serve to further develop the Sunday morning teaching within your own Small Groups context. We have designed these questions to be highly interactive and promote conversation that will help individuals grow deeper with Christ and each other. Please remember that the goal every week is not necessarily to get through all the questions, but rather to facilitate meaningful conversation. In addition, the Small Group leader has permission and freedom to tweak, add to, and prioritize different questions found on the discussion question handout. This enables leaders to tailor the discussion to fit the needs of the Small Group.


Following your weekly Small Group gathering, please complete the Small Group Leaders’ report by clicking below.


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