Three of our values are as follows:


1. Connectivity and accountability through small groups

2. A caring and loving environment

3. A personal, growing relationship with God


We believe connecting with a small group will greatly enhance the care levels in our community as well as create an environment where personal growth in Christ can be most effective. The format of our small groups will be ‘sermon-based’, which means discussion material will be a follow-up to our Sunday morning teaching series.  This will enable our church to move forward in unison and go more in depth as it relates to our Sunday morning teaching topic.

When do small groups start and end?


• This next eight-week block of small groups begins the week of October 1st and ends the week of November 19th.




Foundations Class

Facilitators: John & Jen Ariyo

Five Sundays | Oct. 1, 8, 15,22 & 29 at 9:15 am—Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitators:  Joshua Mathew and Sasha Braganza

Target Group:  Young Adults (ages 18-25 yrs)

Weekly, Sunday at 1:00 pm—Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitators:  Rachel Kurien

Co-Leader: Philip & Ramona Braganza

Weekly, Sundays at 4:00 pm—Mississauga


Small Group Facilitators: Solomon Owoo

Weekly, Sunday at 6:30 pm—Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitators:  Micah & Thoko Madondo

Co-Leaders: Ed & Alice Young

Weekly, Sunday at 6:30 pm—Streetsville


Small Group Facilitators:  Dana & Zac Ragoonath

Co-Leader: Daniel Michelucci & Paolo Marcoccio

Weekly, Sundays at 6:30 pm—Brampton


Small Group Facilitator:  Paul Bernard

Co-Leader:  Uma Vaithilingam

Weekly, Tuesday at 7:00 pm—Mississauga


Small Group Facilitator:  Andrew Croft

Co-leaders:  Damion Murray

Weekly, Tuesday at 7:00 pm—Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitator:  Laura Edwards & Alicia Black

Co-leaders: Mark Edwards

Weekly, Tuesday at 7:00 pm—Mississauga


Small Group Facilitator:  Ravi & Anila Cherian

Weekly, Wednesday  at 7:30 pm—Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitator:  Denver & Annie Martin

Weekly, Thursday  at 7:00 pm—Etobicoke


Small Group Facilitators:  David & Rebecca Bovas

2nd & 4th Friday of each month at 7:15 pm—Mississauga


Small Group Facilitator:  Aaron Mix-Ross

Adult Elective: Philippians

Four Fridays | Oct. 13, 20, 27 & Nov. 3 - Heartland Church


Small Group Facilitators:  Francis Blaboe and Amrit Joyekurun

Weekly, Saturday at 6:30 pm—Milton


Small Group Facilitators:  Jo & Flora Salema

Co-Leader: Beverley Grant

Weekly, Saturday at 8:00 pm—Mississauga

To connect with a small group, click here to fill out a sign up form. For more information, please contact

 the church office.

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