The Open Door serve all who come and is an outreach by the churches of Mississauga & surrounding area .  The Open Door connects people who are in need or in distress with resources available in the community.  They provide an emergency food cupboard, a listening and caring ear, referral counseling, library, drop-in, chapel and much more!  The Open Door is located in the Square One shopping centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Dan and Joy DeGaris

Joy and Dan live in the Greater Toronto Area and have been married for over 36 years. They have two married daughters and four grandchildren.  Realizing the desire people have to strengthen their marriages and families Dan and Joy, through FamilyLife Canada, bring help and hope to homes in the GTA through;


- Weekend Getaways for husbands and wives


- Home Group studies on marriage and parenting


- Seminars and conferences


- Resources for Local churches seeking to strengthen marriages and families


They also reach spiritual needs by introducing people to Jesus Christ and the personal relationship they can have with Him.


Dan and Joy are grateful for the partnership they have with Heartland, A Church Connected.   Partnerships enable them to focus on strengthening marriages and families full-time while supporters are able to reach out beyond their personal sphere of influence and impact the lives of more people. Together we can do far more than we can do alone.

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Mark & Kim Steinfield [Alyssa, Madeleine, Caleb]

Madrid, Spain

After serving for 13 years in Armenia, the Steinfields have moved to Madrid, Spain where they are partnering with the Salem Churches. Mark will work alongside the Salem leadership to establish a Bible school and Kim will engage in marriage ministry. In addition to their ministry in Spain, Mark and Kim both serve on the Eurasia Region’s lead team. Mark overseas education initiatives in the region, and Kim provides member care for global workers. They have three energetic children: Alyssa, Madeleine, and Caleb.

Linda Duncalfe


In her experience growing up in south Africa and later living in Uganda, Linda has found that young Africans have a hunger to grow spiritually and a desire to live their lives in confidence as they serve God. Each time she works alongside her African friends she is amazed at the passion they put into transformation, growth and service. God is calling young Africans to reach their own with His love. Linda is happy to be involved.


One in four of Africa's people have no hope of knowing Jesus, not because they choose to reject Hum, but because there is no one neat them that can tell them; no Christians, no Bible, no churches. The task to reach them is huge. God has called Linda to be involved in answering this need in two ways:


1. To provide discipleship training via correspondence courses through the ministry of Emmanuel Press to expand its reach into East Africa. For more information visit www.emmaunuelpress.co.za.


2. To work alongside Rev. Simon Peter Emiau to inspire, equip and mobilize the emerging generation of young Africans to become missionaries to all of Africa. Together with him, and other leaders of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Africa, she will work to raise up young adults to take their place in reaching Africa for Christ.


To find out more about Linda's ministry visit her Facebook page, Linda in Africa.


Frank Juelich

Nagpur, India

Frank has been in Nagpur since 1972.  He oversees two homes, one for boys and one for girls and two schools.  The chief executive of the homes is Mr. Yohan A. Raut, a young man who grew up in the Nagpur home.  The director of the homes and schools is Mr. Bapu Desai another young man who grew up in the Nagpur home.   A total of 1,000 children come under his care through Child-CARE Plus.


Prayer Requests:


1. Pray for wisdom and courage for Frank, Bapu and Yohan as they run these homes.

2. Pray for the necessary finances to feed, house and look after the ever increasing number of kids and for their safety.

3. Pray for the official papers and visas Frank requires to enable him to stay permanently in India.


Follow Frank's blog here.

Rick & Lisa Bursey  [Alex, Jackson]

Linares, Mexico

Rick, Lisa, Alex and Jackson Bursey left Canada in 2008 to pursue a call to help the orphans of Mexico.  After visiting many times and seeing the quality of care being received by children in institutions there, they felt that they had to do something. Not knowing exactly how God was planning to fulfill this calling they sold everything and headed south.  After all this time, Possibilities House is the fruit of their labour and the realization of the vision God has put in their hearts.


Possibilities House is a family style facility with homes of 8 children and a set of parents in each house.  They are starting with a capacity of 16 and eventually will move up to 40+ as resources permit.  It has been a long a tedious journey but they are excited at what God is doing for orphan care in Mexico.  The Burseys have formed their own charitable organization in Canada called Possibilities House For Children (www.possibilitieshouse.org) and have teamed up with a global orphan care organization in Mexico called Back2Back Ministries (www.back2back.org).  Together they have an opportunity to raise the level of care for countless numbers of Mexican children who otherwise would have no hope.


Ultimately, Rick and Lisa will raise children that understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive.   The Possibilities House plan includes using its own resources and children to minister to their city, teaching them that we all have far more value through giving to others than merely receiving hand-outs.  Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older...  he may just change an entire community!


Darren & Patty McCrea [James, Darien]

Bogota, Colombia

Darren and Patty McCrea serve in Colombia & Latin America.  Darren, a Canadian, has ministered in Colombia since 1995. Patty is Colombian and a teacher with a specialty in Child Psychology. She has served in missions since 1993.  They have two wonderful boys James and Darien.


The McCrea's work in Colombia is multi-faceted and includes missionary training and church mobilization, They also help coordinate missions teams through a partnership with International Teams: Their ministry includes:


• Training Latino missionaries, many of whom will be ministering in closed nations.

• Mobilization means organizing events like community and medical outreaches and raising up local Christians to serve.  Their heart is to see Colombians reaching Colombians!

• International Short Term Outreach Teams help build up local churches through construction projects and training. Team members have opportunities to love needy children and to share the Gospel in schools, shopping malls and other public venues..


In Colombia, Darren and Patty work in partnership with Mobile Teams, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Bogota.  Through their outreaches they touch the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.

Next Level International is a missions organization that connects local churches around the world with amazing projects in Europe. The NLI Network shares a common vision:  for Europe, for change. They seek to affect spiritual, social and economic change across Europe. This is accomplished through church planting, leadership development and community transformation initiatives. For more information, please visit their website.

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) is a Christian organization passionately responding to the practical needs of people living with poverty or crisis around the world by listening, caring and partnering. Heartland is supporting two different water projects through ERDO. The first is the digging of a well in Bangladesh to provide access to clean water for a needy community. The second project is to provide BioSand filters to needy families in Cambodia to provide them with clean water and proper sanitation.  For more information about ERDO, please visit their website.

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